Naturastone Features

NaturaStone is an affordable, premium quartz stone surfacing material combining the splendour of natural quartz with the resilience of a high performance acrylic polymer.

Curved Edge Stone Benchtop

The Thinner The Better

NaturaStone slabs are typically 6 mm thick and are applied to the benchtop substrates in such a way as to appear to be solid stone slabs. Not convinced? Take a look at the close-up shots in our Gallery.

The thinner slabs, comprising over 90 percent quartz with a superior acrylic polymer, are more durable and long lasting than thicker materials yet are significantly easier to cut and polish accurately.

In addition, this material can be used on curved surfaces, something not possible with thicker stone slabs.

The thinner slabs eliminate the need for cabinet maker templates and factory fabrication. Instead, fabrication generally takes place on site. This enables extremely accurate scribing, ensuring a perfect fit to walls (even if crooked), existing tiles, and around appliances and architraves sitting on the existing benchtops.

Australian Product

NaturaStone is manufactured in Australia, supporting local manufacture and jobs, and ensuring the highest quality standards. As a result NaturaStone comes with a lengthy 12 year warranty

Being locally produced means that NaturaStone is readily available and can be less expensive than other quartz stone products with thickened edges.

The thickness of the visible edge does not significantly affect the price, so Lobo Stone can offer 40mm thick edges for the same price as 20mm.