sherbrooke stone benchtop

Naturastone Release Sherbrooke

The latest addition to the Naturastone range is a beautifully lines, marble look quartz called Sherbrooke. Here you can see some examples of a recent job I did using Sherbrooke. It was certainly challenging to make all the bands flow seamlessly through the joins and continuously over all edges! What do you think?

How Easy Is That?

Have you ever considered having your old Laminate Benchtops updated to a Caesar Stone style, but hesitate because you think it will require a complete kitchen revamp? Here is an example of a problem area, and how Lobo Stone Benchtops deals with it, and look closely at the accuracy of the fit!

No More Mouldy Grout!

I recently installed 3 stone panels over very badly laid tiles in a shower cubicle. The grout had cracked in various places, mould impossible to remove from the cracks, and the wall recess in particular was leaking through the wall into the skirting on the other side in the laundry. Before: